• Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex. (Getty Images Europe)
Opinion was divided on the couple, but most twitterati of colour applauded #megxit as a 2020 boss move.
SBS Staff Writers
9 Jan 2020 - 11:12 AM  UPDATED 9 Jan 2020 - 11:21 AM

Fans and royal watchers are abuzz with news Prince Harry and Meghan will step back from royal duties and 'become financially independent'.

The announcement by the couple, who stated they would now be dividing their time between the UK and North America was made public on their official Instagram account as royal watchers speculated on the future of the royal couple. 

Online comments focussed on the inevitability of the split dubbed #megxit, which reportedly took Buckingham palace by surprise in the wake of racially charged media scrutiny and Meghan's candid comments on her struggle to adjust to the pressure of her new role as a new mother.  

Opinion was divided on the couple, but most twitterati of colour online applauded Markle's move as a 2020 boss move. 

"I dont understand why people are getting so upset about #Megxit after slagging her off for so long. I don't bloody blame them for telling everyone to sod off," one commentator said. 

"Right wing commentators monstered Meghan Markle from the moment she and Harry went public, using anti-Black tropes to whip up endless false controversies about her, and then have the caucasity to act surprised about #Megxit," another commentator said. 

"Prince Harry & Meghan are a perfect example of what marriage should look like. They are putting on a unified front, he’s protecting his family at all cost. Beautiful!" another twitter user commented. 

"Diana would be PROUD. I respect the heck out of people who dare to live their OWN lives independent of expectations of others. Love these two."


She recently spoke out about the emotional cost of life in the public eye in an interview, telling a reporter she felt particularly vulnerable against negative press coverage as a new mother. It came after Prince Harry announced he was suing the UK tabloids for invading the couple's privacy by  allegedly hacking into voicemails. 

In a 2015 essay for Elle magazine, Markle described her biracial heritage, saying her father is Caucasian her mother is African-American. Press coverage of Markle has unduly focused on her mixed race heritage, referencing her exotic DNA and family lineage. Previously the palace was forced to up the ante in moderating the couple's social media accounts after being inundated with racialised online trolling.

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