There were hilarious scenes showing different Muslim cliques at the Eid festival, a storyline on the women’s prayer room in the mosque, and even the mosque shoe...
Out on the school yard, our free time resembled a circus. The Japanese education system placed unicycles in schools to encourage building core muscles, balance...
"I feel incredibly grateful to be in this position because, without the women of the past, especially iconic Black women who have done what I've done before, I...
Despite my embarrassment at walking up to a stranger’s house, I humour Mum. While her brain often short-circuits these days, I trust her instincts. Up to the...
When my son finally uttered his ‘Kh’ sound after multiple attempts, he was thrilled. But even though I was happy myself, I felt a pang of guilt as a second-gen...
Icing unicorn cookies, stacking boxes, speed-cutting soba noodles – there’s something about watching strangers being good at something that gives me a buzz.
"Why am I so passionate about where our food comes from? Maybe it made me a better chef, just realising that so many of my ancestors were all bloody farmers!"
The world of online dating
Single parents are the busiest people in the world, so it’s not easy to fit in a love life. We talk to parents about how they find navigating the daunting world of dating apps when they ‘get back on the horse’ post-separation. The Swiping Game: Must Love Kids is steaming On Demand.
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SBS Emerging Writers' Competition

Entries for the SBS Emerging Writers' Competition are now closed. See you in 2022 for next year's competition. 


There are so many things I tried to do for you, and every single one of them our mother ruined. Why? I don’t really know.
The collection, which will be published in 2022 by Hardie Grant, will feature the work of emerging writers from across Australia.

It's never too late to be an emerging writer

“It’s really important to recognise that you can be an emerging writer at 60. You’ve lived a full, long life. You’ve got a lot more perspective on the world than...
“What I really wanted for anyone to get from reading this piece was that even if you grew up with not a lot, you can still be a very complex person with a story...
Five winners have been chosen from the 2021 SBS Emerging Writers' Competition. Find out more about their stories and what inspires them.
This is the prize-winning entry from Arky Michael, titled 'Songbird'.
This is Maya Hodge's prize-winning entry, titled 'bidngen'.

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