• Mythbusters VR - Blowing up a postal van (Discovery)Source: Discovery
Join the MythBusters crew for explosions, demolition, and destruction - all in virtual reality.
8 Nov 2016 - 3:39 PM  UPDATED 29 Nov 2016 - 11:09 AM

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Blowing up a postal van

In honour of the patron saint of MythBusters, the guys are blowing up a van Macgyver style and you can be at the blast site.

Drum implosion

The guys use vacuum power to crush a 55-gallon drum, but not all goes as planned. Be there as the suspense mounts.


Shrimp on the barbie

Join Adam for a good ole fashioned cookout on the roof of the M5.

Vacuum car lift

Adam and Jamie lift a car… with a household vacuum cleaner!

Zombies in 360

The walking dead are a whole lot scarier when they're coming right at you.


Tour ione drifting course

Check out one of Jamie's favourite places for big booms and this season's drifting on dirt myth.

Gummy bear rocket

Take a ride on a gummy bear rocket in virtual reality.

Paper bag punch out

Hop in the ring with Adam as he takes on his long-time rival… a paper bag!


Duct tape challenge!

Adam and the crew build something awesome out of duct tape. 

Destroying memory lane

Adam takes a destructive drive down memory lane annihilating some of signature props. 

Who would play the Mythbusters in a movie?

An exclusive scene from the MythBusters reunion. 

Tour the M5 warehouse              

Always wanted to visit the iconic M5 Industries? Take a tour in virtual reality. 


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