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The W-League grand final isn't just a big occasion for the players. Get to know referee Kate Jacewicz. We asked her some seriously serious questions.
30 Jan 2016 - 10:22 AM  UPDATED 30 Jan 2016 - 1:00 PM

Do you have any pre-game rituals or superstitions? I am a little boring, and I like my routine. Always have a coffee pre-match though.

What’s your warm up song / playlist? Would have to say a solid mix of R'n'B with babes like Missy Elliot and Beyoncé, then the last song before we walk out is always Taylor Swift Shake it off.

Is your greatest achievement in football being the player of the match in the Julie Murray Cup? Haha, I would have to say my greatest achievement in football is being involved in the game for 23 years.

Do you vogue in the change room mirror when you put the mic on? Absolutely. I actually pretend I'm Justin Beiber!

Do you actually write things in that notebook or are you just drawing stick figures? I'd like to think my artistic ability exceeds stick figures.

You’ve been preselected to ref the WWC in France. What does that mean? The candidates program is a four year selection process to select referees for the following Women's World Cup. Referees from every confederation (ie AFC, UEFA, CONCACAF etc) get sent to a selection camp where we do fitness, technical and video testing. It is also used as a means to select referees for the u17 and u20 WWC and other FIFA tournaments.

When we think of furthering and promoting the women’s game, we often only think of players. How important is it to also support female officials? It is a fundamental process of the women's game.

What's your karaoke song? No way do I have the courage to sing at karaoke, but my car has heard me murder Alanis Morissette's You Oughta Know.

What’s better: watching a WWC or refereeing a WWC? Ha! I'll let you know when I referee a WWC

What’s the best goal you’ve seen? I wouldn't say this is the 'best' goal in the traditional sense of the word, more the context and circumstance of the goal; the Rapinoe left foot to the Wambach head equalising goal in the QF of the 2011 WWC.

What are you watching right now? I am too ashamed to say!!

Vegemite: fridge or pantry? Pantry!!

Can you change a tyre? Yes

If you could change 1 rule in football, what would it be? The 'foul' throw for the throw in.

Favourite other sport? I am a total fan girl of the Olympic Games. Witnessing sport unite the world is purely beautiful.

The uniform: which do you prefer? Black or fluoro? Black. Classic and slimming. Monochrome on point

How do you block out crowd pressure? The crowd is part of the game. The atmosphere with a noisy crowd can be electric! The football it inspires at times is unbelievable.

Obviously you have to stay fit, what does a typical in-season week look like? Three running sessions, two-three gym sessions, and a match on the weekend.

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