These six videos are combating stereotypes, promoting women in sport and inspiring women to get out there and play
Ann Odong

5 Mar 2016 - 11:02 AM  UPDATED 5 Mar 2016 - 11:02 AM

We all know the statistics, keeping girls in sport through childhood, adolescence and into adulthood is a difficult ask.

In 2012, the Women’s Sports Foundation research found that girls were two times more likely to drop out of sports than boys.  

It is a trend that brands and governments alike are trying to reverse and are doing so with some stellar videos to promote women in sport.

Girls, make your move

The campaign aims to encourage and support young women aged 12-19 to be more active and features real girls playing sport and being active.

With the Olympics just around the corner and women in sport doing so well, there isn't a better time to be inspired to get out there. 


“You throw like a girl.”

“You run like a girl.”

“You play like a girl”

Before this campaign, “like a girl” didn’t always mean a compliment. Now we own it and with the Matildas in killing it in Japan, I would be more than happy to shoot like a girl!


Often young girls hear so much about what they can’t do; girls can’t play football or martial arts or baseball or [insert sport].

Sometimes the limit is internal; I can’t do that because I look or feel bad.

This campaign from Sport England turned around the “can’t” into “can” in a celebration of all that #ThisGirlCan do.

Yes indeed, get your freak on!

I will what I want

Much like the #ThisGirlCan, this series of videos speaks about going after your dream despite what anyone says.  Even if that dream is playing 4th Division football at the Marrickville Red Devils.

Go get it!


In a sporting world where women can still be considered according to their looks, STAR Sports India released this brilliant video paying tribute to actual on field achievements of women in sport.  


“One day I just said it doesn’t matter what other people think”

Even years after hearing them as young girls, negative voices can follow you around. This Nike video encourages women to drown those voices out.

“La la la, I can’t hear you over my sound of my success”