• Jessie Jane McParland is daring to be different (Jesse Jane McParland)Source: Jesse Jane McParland
Jesse Jane McPharland dared to be different, after cold-shouldering ballet and Irish dancing, she followed her heart to become a karate princess.
Sarah Leach

13 Mar 2016 - 8:00 AM  UPDATED 13 Mar 2016 - 8:00 AM

Softly spoken Jesse Jane McParland is more than just a sweet, and well-mannered pretty face.

She is an unbelievable Martial Arts athlete. Fact. Take one look at the video that has captured 34 million views on YouTube and 90 million views on Facebook and her incredible  you’ll understand why.

Her martial art skills are second to none. I was blown away by her fearsome sharp moves, and so was Ellen Degeneres.

So much so, Ellen invited her as a special guest on her show.

And on being interviewed, the ten year old told the crowd how she objected to ballet, Irish dancing and basketball, all on offer from her parents, to the point she had to say to her Mum, “Mummy not every girl dreams about being a little princess.” BOOM.

But what defines “princess” in today’s day world? Dare to dream, dare to be inspired.

Skateboards and pretty too-toos are all mixed in together for “kids these days”. Nicole Kidman was all-time as a BMX bandit. I definitely owned and maneuvered my BMX bike as a ten year-old and Nicole Kidman made it O-K. Who said a “princess” sport is about doing ballet and Irish dancing?

Ellen praised Jessie Jane McParland for following her heart and daring to be different.

“That’s a clever and smart and advanced thing to say,” Degeneres said.

“Most people follow what everyone else does but you’re just marching to your own drum, which is what you should be doing, and that’s great” Degeneres added.

McParland got into martial arts at the age of three after her Dad finally gave in to her wishes.

“I used to do other sports, ballet and Irish dancing, I never liked them and Mummy and Daddy wanted me to get into a sport and they were thinking basketball.

“They wanted me to do basketball and I found these people dressed in white doing different moves and I was like, Daddy, Daddy look at this and my Daddy said ‘noooo, karate’s too dangerous’, so he brought me down to basketball and I just couldn’t stop thinking about karate so after that, for about 30minutes we sat and we watched Karate so the following Saturday Daddy brought me in and I started,” she said.

AND, then, after the interview she performed!! Incredible!!

Karate kid eat your heart out. Jesse Jane McPharland is the real karate kid, Daniel son.