• Honey Thaljieh (Supplied)Source: Supplied
Woman, Palestinian, Arab, Christian; for Honey Thaljieh her identities could have been prisons if she had allowed them to be. But she didn't and through football she found freedom for herself and others.

13 Mar 2016 - 2:00 PM  UPDATED 13 Mar 2016 - 2:00 PM

Football is the world game and for many around the world it is a passport to opportunities.

Football was a passport for Honey Thaljieh to a life beyond her nationality, gender, religion and ethnicity.  

“Our identities can become our prison,” said Thaljieh.

“As a female growing up in a patriarchal society where football was a male activity, my gender was my prison.”

However, as she had been breaking down barriers since her birth, the prison of her identity was just one more barrier for the footballer to overcome.

With no organised club teams, no girls to play football with, Thaljieh fought to play street football with the boys.

That early determination led her to fight for a women’s football team at Bethlehem University in 2004. From a first team consistenting five players, the program now has hundreds of players and dozens of teams.

Honey’s story is one of persistence and a determination to make a difference.