No tournament director should ever say something that sexist ever. Whether it was taken out of context or was a joke, it doesn't matter, it's ridiculous.
Rennae Stubbs

21 Mar 2016 - 2:53 PM  UPDATED 21 Mar 2016 - 2:54 PM

Raymond Moore should resign after that comment.

India Wells CEO just said a pretty dumb thing about women's tennis
I reckon this one is going to blow up in his face in a major way. Not only because it's completely sexist but also extraordinarily ignorant and incorrect. What do you think?

There were so many eras that were so much better on the women's side. The eras of Graf, Seles, Sabatini. Then Henin, Clijsters, the Williams sisters, Davenport, Hingis. Capriati, Mauresmo. I mean that list was long and what a era that was but sadly we lost them to injury or motherhood.

There were eras when the men needed us. Certainly of late there have been some tremendous depth and talent in the men's side but we have also seen the dominance of one of the all time greats in Serena on the women's, who now is being challenge on the biggest of stages again.

We have had injuries to stars in our game but for a tournament director to to say that women players, i.e. Serena and Azarenka should bow done to Roger and Rafa for there prize money etc is absolutely ridiculous.

Serena is her own superstar and pulls enormous crowds wherever she goes.

The US Open women's final was sold out before the men's last year with the anticipation of watching Setens make history.

And may I say, the women's final this year at the Australian Open was much better viewing and way more interesting. Yes, It's not always the case but that's why people pay equal prize money, because you never know who's going to give you there best match. 

All players have worked the same amount to be out there and be paid the same. I hope Ray Moore is fired from his position. Whether in jest or seriously, it's a comment that should never come from a person in his position. Period!

Reaction: Raymond Moore and THOSE comments
Get down on your knees lady players! Raymond Moore, CEO of India Wells and man of a certain age who should know better, said some dumb and ignorant things about women's tennis. The internet, understandably, reacted.