• Kyah Simon and Lydia Williams with the Aboriginal flag (FFA)Source: FFA
Kyah Simon is a proud supporter of Indigenous Football Week. Help her help Aboriginal girls realise their potential through football.
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1 Apr 2016 - 10:29 AM  UPDATED 1 Apr 2016 - 2:09 PM

Indigenous role models are important. Obviously

"Watching a strong indigenous woman like Cathy Freeman be so successful and pretty much carry the weight of Australia on her shoulders was a memorable moment for me and it brought tears to my eyes and I'll never forget that," Simon said.

"I would like to think that I could make that same impact that Cathy had on my life to other young girls out there and I'm hoping through my football but also being a positive role model off the pitch I can really help pave the way and obviously be a positive role model for those girls."

Shadeene Evans looks up to Kyah Simon

“I would like to be the best soccer player I could be and would love to play one day for the Matildas,” Evans said.

“Kyah Simon is someone I respect and look up to and I would like to play like she does one day. She is a great role model for young Indigenous people.”

Shadeene is the first elite player to benefit from the John Moriarty football program

“John Moriarty Football has been instrumental in supporting me to fulfill my dreams to some day play for Australia. They have given me the opportunity to play soccer and be coached in Sydney.”

Here's how you can help

Donate to John Moriarty Football. The money goes directly into programs that benefit young athletes like Shadeene Evans.

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