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Australian boxer Caitlin Parker is tough and confident, not only for an 18-year-old but for anyone. But how does she go with our questions?

18 Apr 2016 - 2:55 PM  UPDATED 18 Apr 2016 - 3:00 PM

What’s your warm up song?

What are you watching on TV / streaming right now?

The 100 on Netflix.

Vegemite: do you keep in the fridge or pantry? 

Pantry. Who puts it in the fridge?

Favourite other sport?

Rugby Union.

(Ed: but she loves her mentor, cricketer Gilly too)

Do you have any tattoos?

No, I'm waiting for Rio to get the Olympic rings.

Finish this: To play me in a movie of my life I’d want …

Jennifer Lawrence. The Hunger Games style!


Who was your role model growing up?

My Mum. Not necessarily in terms of sport but because she puts 100% into everything she does. I hope to be half the person she is.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years’ time?

Having competed in a couple of Olympic and Commonwealth games and whatever comes along with that.

I want:

For more women to open their minds to the possibility that boxing isn't about violence or brutality. Women can gain a lot from boxing - strength and confidence. I'd love to see more women getting into boxing.