• Sam Stosur is splitting up with her coach again (AAP)Source: AAP
Australian tennis star Samantha Stosur is hoping for a successful run at the French Open as a good bye present to departing long-time coach David Taylor.

20 Apr 2016 - 2:54 PM  UPDATED 20 Apr 2016 - 2:54 PM

Stosur will part ways with Taylor after the French Open. 

"It would be nice to finish on a high with a good result. I've obviously had lots of great memories at Roland Garros in the past," she said. "So if I can kind of get somewhere close to that again, then that'd be a really nice way to finish our partnership together.

"It's certainly going to be a bit strange playing there and wondering which match is going to be our last one, but that's just the way it is."

She's split with Taylor before

After six years and much success, Stosur parted ways with Taylor before the US Open in 2013. 

She brought him back to the fold before the 2015 French Open following a form slump that saw her fail to move past the third round in any of the grand slams in 2013 and 2014.  

Her two coaches during that time were Simon Rea and Miles Maclagan. Maclagan she split with just ten days before 2014's Wimbledon.

This time, it's him, not her

Still the world No.26 and with no plans to retire, she understands the father of two doesn't want to balance family commitments while living in different time zones coaching her.

"It's not like anything went wrong. It's just under circumstance that we've come to that arrangement," she said.

"For anybody, family comes first, and I absolutely understand that and would never want to take somebody away from their family for that reason. 

Her form with David Taylor

Taylor and Stosur started working together during her comeback from Lyme disease.

The 32-year-old credits Taylor with giving her the know-how to use her big one-two punch that took her to world No.4 and the 2011 US Open title. He was also there during the time she remained in the top 10. 

"I could always hit a kick serve and had a big forehand and all that," she said.

"But really knowing how to put it all together and where all that fits into a proper game style is what he really helped me with, especially in those early years together."

"We certainly covered a lot of topics over the years and probably re-hashed a lot of things over and over again, but there's no quick fix and, as a coach, you've got to be willing to put in that time to go through some hard times to get the good results.

"And any time it has been a bit of a rough trot results-wise, I've been able to bounce back and he's been good at trying to find some answers to be able to do that as well."

"We've had lots of conversations, not just about tennis, but about personal things, about everything, that might affect your game and performance throughout any given time," Stosur said.

The new coach

Her new coach is not finalised at this stage and Taylor is helping with recruitment. 

Given her experience with Taylor and all that he has provided to Stosur, she is looking for a similar commitment. 

"Whoever I work with (next), I want them to really want to do it," she said.