• Loving women's sport means being prepared to defend it...a lot. (Photo Franck Fife/AFP/Getty Images) (Getty Images)Source: Getty Images
As the popularity of women's sports grows, so does the diverse nature of the fan base. While you love being fans of women's sport, not everyone is as cool as you and that can get old...fast!
23 Apr 2016 - 2:15 PM  UPDATED 23 Apr 2016 - 2:15 PM

The Good

I enjoy seeing the humility in the unadulterated joy of succeeding on the sporting field

The thanks you get from the players personally when you cover their matches live, or write about them and their team.

The supportive and exciting friendships you make with other women just enjoying the sport and not feeling so judged!


The pride when social media explodes when our teams do well and you're like 'welcome to the party I've been here a while'!


The delight of seeing the amazing athletic feats on the court/field & the way they interact with fans off the field

Pitying those who "don't get it" (mostly in jest) and sharing a bond and sense of club/community with those that do.



The Bad

It annoys me that people look at me with a blank look on their face & then say "WHY" I say "Its great"


Constantly having to defend it and hearing men say they're not sexist, they just don't watch inferior products


Ponytails, did I mention that I hate that almost every logo with a woman in it portrays her with a ponytail? 


People thinking you're joking when you mention your favourite teams and athletes


Telling people your women's team is actually better than the men and not being believed. (Seattle Reign FC fan here!)



Having to search to watch top level football/cricket/basketball rather than have it easily accessible like the mens


Knowing the best women get paid pennies to play when mediocre male players get real money

Lack of female merchandise. Can't even get the Matildas away kit. Guess we should be happy with one option. 



Dealing with (usually) dudes acting like experts after watching one game vrs your years watching.


People saying "ïts only womens/girls sport"



Mentioning the sport without the word 'women' in front of it and people presume men's sport. It's double edged as then it can be a learning exercise!


Thank you to everyone who replied on Twitter with their experiences. We are all in this together!