The AFL might want to poach her, but Kim Mickle’s eyes are firmly on Rio.
Erin Byrnes

13 May 2016 - 7:39 AM  UPDATED 13 May 2016 - 7:39 AM

Mickle is a World Championships silver medallist, and a Commonwealth Games gold medallist

She’s also has a silver Comm Games medal to her name, and is a former World Youth Champion.

The 31 year old has been selected for Rio - it will be her second Olympics

Mickle finished 17th place at the London 2012 Games.

But... the timeline is going to be tight

While throwing at the World Championships in September 2015, Mickle blew out her shoulder, which saw her undergo a reconstruction eight months ago.

Her rehab program is 12 months long, meaning she’ll be finished the recovery phase right at  the pointy end (pun intended) of the Rio Olympics.

Speaking on SEN, Mickle said she’s working hard, and still able to throw down.

“The intensity isn’t there, but that should arc up when it comes to six weeks out from Rio.

“I wouldn’t mind another month or two, that would have been lovely, but hey, they’re the cards I was dealt”.

She’s still in top shape, though

“I’m probably in the best shape I’ve ever been in my life, in terms of strength and fitness.” she said in the SEN interview.

“I just can’t wait – I’m training as hard my body can possibly let me.”

Mickle is a genuine medal chance

Despite her injury, Mickle isn’t giving any excuses and isn’t just in it for the Aussie swag.

“I literally would pull the pin if I thought a couple of weeks out that I wasn’t going to medal,” she said.

“I’m not there just to make up numbers, I’m there to win gold… I’m there to win, and nothing less.”

She’s not just great at javelin - she’s a ripping kick of the footy

Mickle has never played a game of footy - even as a junior. Her dad played in the WAFL, while her brother is also a gun footballer.

“I said to mum when I was younger, ‘Can I play footy?’ and she said ‘Na Kim, it’s too dangerous’.

"I’m now starting to realise she thought it was too dangerous for the boys to have me in their team because I’d probably hurt them.”

In fact her technique is so good that there’s talk of AFL clubs poaching her

“An athlete like Kim Mickle would be ripe for the picking for the national women’s footy league,” SEN’s Andy Maher said while introducing her.

But she’s crazy modest about her extracurricular talents

“For everyone to say I’d be able to just jump into a team is a bit silly – what they [women’s AFL players] can do is just incredible,” she said.

“I train with a high jumper who can kick a footy as well as some of the boys, and she’s 190cms tall. It’s certainly not just me, but a lot of other girls that could do some amazing things.”

Mickle remains focused on her Olympic dream

“I certainly do love the sport, but my eyes are pretty fixated on Rio at the moment.” 

Footy’s not all she’s good at

“I love to train, I love to work hard, and as everyone now knows I love to kick the footy and do crazy things,” Mickle said.

Mickle has a textbook golf swing, can hit a full court basketball shot, and perform walking handstands - check out this clip:

She’s pretty handy at soccer too - she represented the Northern Redbacks in WA’s State Premier League, where her teammate was none other than Matildas captain Lisa De Vanna 

She can write

Just when you think was fresh out of talents... Mickle wrote a blog that we published on Zela. She also writes a blog on her website.

Athlete blog: Kim Mickle puts her shoulder into it
It's a tougher road to Rio than most but javelin champ, Kim Mickle, is well on the way to a full recovery.

Oh, and she plays guitar

She’s just a whole lot of fun

The best quote from her SEN interview?

“The only plan I’ve got for after Rio is having a beer, to be honest.”