Golf is the spoiled hedge-fund banker of sports, hogging the land, rolling in money and exclusive AF. We can think of 7 better sports for the Summer Olympics.
Nicky Bryson

13 May 2016 - 2:31 PM  UPDATED 13 May 2016 - 2:41 PM

1. Roller Derby

There are a lot of boring, unwatchable Olympic sports out there but this full contact, badass battle on skates ain’t one them.

2. Motorsport

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Athletes can challenge each other on horseback for an Olympic medal, so there’s no good reason for excluding auto racing.

3. Netball

After a twenty-year battle, Netball was finally recognised as an Olympic sport in 1995, so why are we STILL waiting?

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4. Skateboarding

Pro skateboarding is a thing of beauty and it attracts legions of fans and sponsors that would bring a new audience to the Olympics.

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5. Cricket

Cricket made an appearance in 1900 at the Paris Olympics but it was poorly received and cut. 116 years later this awesomely popular sport should get another chance. 

6. Lawn Bowls

Age and gender are no barrier to the lawn bowls success, plus it’s played in the sunshine and often with a cheeky beer. Why you no love, Olympics?

7. Squash

Squash fields some of the fittest, fastest and most skilled athletes in the world, yet the sport keeps getting snubbed by the IOC.