We’ve been asking athletes the most important question they’ll ever face. Vegemite: do you keep it in the fridge or pantry?
14 May 2016 - 8:25 AM  UPDATED 14 May 2016 - 8:25 AM

The fridgery-dos - these athletes know there’s nothing cooler than being cool (ice cold)

Alex Blackwell

“Fridge. Because it lasts for years and it seems right to keep it chilled.”

Melissa Barbieri

“Fridge. Husband makes me do it.”

Peta Rogerson

“Fridge, no reason why,other than that is what Mum always did.”

Sam Bremner

“Fridge – because it goes well on hot toast.”

Pan fans - here are those that prefer things au natural

Lydia Williams

“Pantry of course - I don’t think I’ve ever had Vegemite from the fridge.”

Kezie Apps

“Pantry – that’s where Mum had it. My fiancé Craig puts it in the fridge and then I come and put it back in the cupboard.”

Caitlin Parker

“Pantry. Who puts it in the fridge?”

Shelley Watts

“ONLY the cupboard!!! And LOVE it on toast with scrambled eggs!”

Anna Flanagan

“Pantry or it gets too hard to get out of the jar.”

Kyah Simon

“Pantry. Best soft and at room temperature, easier to spread.”

Jess Cameron

“Pantry otherwise it gets too hard.”

Alicia Quirk

“Pantry but I don’t mind either. I just put all spreads except jam in the cupboard because mum always did.”

Alanna Kennedy

“Pantry, I don't know any different!”

Jo Brigden-Jones

“Pantry -­ you don’t want to spread cold vegemite on hot toast!”

Caroline Buchanan

“I am a pantry-mite keeper. My boyfriend is American and can’t stand the smell of it.”

Carly Wilson

“Pantry. There is no discussion. Same as tomato sauce.”

Sharni Williams

“Wow! Pantry for sure, there is enough salt in the jar to last a life time, plus I like it soft to spread on my toast.”

Carmen Marton

“Pantry. I've never really met anyone who keeps it in the fridge. I think it says keep at room temperature or cool place on the back not 'keep refrigerated'?”

Keesja Gofers

“Pantry; there is no conceivable reason for needing Vegemite cold. You put it on toast as a spread!”

Tracey Hannah

“I keep in on the bench so it’s quickly accessible. It goes too hard in the fridge.”

Ruan Sims

“Pantry. I don’t like hard Vegemite.”


One foot in both camps

Jessica Fox

“I put it in the pantry, but it always ends up in the fridge. I’m not sure why - I think it’s easier to spread when it’s in the pantry.”

Charlotte Caslick

“I think fridge…but I’m not bothered either way. We take Vegemite on tour and it’s never kept in the fridge!”

Brooke Peris

“Pantry because it belongs there, but in Darwin the fridge it's too damn hot in Darwin.”

Best answer

Moya Dodd


And the most controversial answer of all

Aislin Jones

“My parents keep it in the cupboard. I know this is very un-Australian but I don't like Vegemite!”

Shannon Parry

"Don't eat Vegemite. Not keen on the taste and saltiness."

Marijana Rajic

“HATE it!! Never eat it… so don't care haha”

Sarah Cardwell

“I'm very patriotic so it pains me to say... I'm a Marmite girl.”

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