Following your favourite team or athlete has a whole new meaning in the 21st Century. Here are a few Aussies slaying it with their social media game.
Erin Byrnes

24 May 2016 - 8:15 AM  UPDATED 24 May 2016 - 8:15 AM

Alanna Kennedy

Sport: Football 

What you’ll get: You know how some people make the same face in every photo? Yeah, that’s not Kennedy - her collection selfies and portrait pics add a new meaning to ‘game face’.

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Quick shots from left field: Alanna Kennedy
Who says serious sports women need to be serious all the time? Matildas' defender, Alanna Kennedy, fills us on on just exactly how many tattoos she has.

Kyah Simon

Sport: Football

What you’ll get: #wardrobegoals #wardrobeinspo

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Quick shots from left field: Kyah Simon
Who says serious sportswomen need to be serious all the time? Matildas' striker, Kyah Simon puts forward her argument for keeping vegemite in the pantry.

Mon Murphy

Sport: Para swimming

What you’ll get: An overwhelming desire to be Murphy’s best friend.


Quick shots from left field: Monique Murphy

Torah Bright

Sport: Snowboarding

What you’ll get: An overwhelming feeling of jealousy. How can one woman’s life be that much of a dream?

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Daisy Pearce

Sport: AFL

What you’ll get: For the sport’s sake, hopefully no more plastic surgery inducing events like below. But from a comedy perspective...

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Sharni Layton

Sport: Netball

What you’ll get: Inspiration to hit the gym.

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Mighty ducks: Erin Phillips and Sharni Layton lead new campaign against duck shooting
Should athletes stay away from politics, or do you like to see sports stars with a cause?

Caroline Buchanan

Sport: BMX

What you’ll get: Bike envy.

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Quick shots from left field: Caroline Buchanan
Caroline Buchanan may have already won two world cup races out of two so far this season and is well on her way to Rio, but can she answer Zela's tough questions?

Liz Cambage

Sport: Basketball

What you’ll get: Three times the regular amount of Cambage in your life - because who needs to waste time picking which photo you look the best in when you can post all of them!

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Steph Gilmore

Sport: Surfing

What you’ll get: Ocean porn.


Shelley Watts

Sport: Boxing

What you’ll get: INSPIRATION

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Quick shots from left field: Shelley Watts
Shelley Watts won her boxing semi-final at the Asian and Oceania qualifiers this week and earned a spot at the Rio Olympics. But is she tough enough to handle our questions?

Anna Meares

Sport: Cycling

What you’ll get: A puppyyyyyyyy!

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