• Comments on social media in Iran have been widely supportive, despite some violent threats. (YouTube)Source: YouTube
Heavy face paint, a red cap and baggy clothing seems to have done the trick.
Ben Winsor

27 May 2016 - 12:42 PM  UPDATED 27 May 2016 - 1:16 PM

An Iranian woman has snuck into a football game in Tehran by disguising herself as a man and painting her face in team colours.  The Persepolis FC supporter then posted video of her achievement on Instagram earlier this month.

Women are not technically banned from attending sports matches in Iran but they are normally refused entry at the gate, Feranak Amidi from the BBC’s Persian Service said to BBC Trending.

“There is an unofficial ban on women going and watching boxing, swimming and football matches,” Amidi said.

Wearing a red cap, red face-paint and baggy clothes, the football fan posted numerous videos before entering the stadium and then once inside.

According to the BBC, most of the reaction to the Instagram post has been positive, with Iranian women and men voicing their support. Others have made threats, calling for her to be arrested, chained up outside the stadium and – in some extreme posts – burned to death.

Women are known to have snuck into sports matches in this manner before in Iran – it was the subject of the 2006 Iranian Film Offside.

In 2014 a British Iranian woman was arrested for protesting for women's access at volleyball match. Charges were dropped several months later after international outcry and the woman agreeing to pay a fine.