Bethany Hamilton is known as the surfer who survived a shark. Today, she’s known as the surfer who knocked off the world number one.
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30 May 2016 - 6:31 PM  UPDATED 31 May 2016 - 10:32 AM

Surfer Bethany Hamilton is often in the media for reasons other than her surfing ability. Well, reasons, really. One big reason.

At just 13, she survived a shark attack, but lost her arm in the incident.

While she would have been well within her rights to spend the rest of her life avoiding all bodies of water, she didn’t just get back on the board - she decided to forge a career as a professional surfer.

Today Hamilton scored one of the biggest scalps of her career to date, eliminating World Surf League leader Tyler Wright at the Fiji Pro.

Hamilton gained entry as a wildcard, and she’s now through to the quarter finals.

Oh and on the way, she also beat a little known battler named Steph Gilmore.

But wait, there’s something else that’s pretty cool we’ve yet to mention…

The Fiji Pro is just the second Championship Tour event she’s competed in since September. She’s been a bit preoccupied, after giving birth to her son in June last year.

Hamilton is in red hot form - we could well look back on this event as turning point in her career.

Until now, the focus has been on her disability. After today’s win, it’s all about her ability.

Let’s hope that soon we start to hear ‘champion surfer’ at the start of her name, instead of ‘shark attack victim’. Because Hamilton has never been a victim.

Bethany Hamilton's dream ride comes to an end
Hawaiian wildcard Bethany Hamilton knocked out one more Australian at the Fiji Pro before she was finally beaten in the semi-final.