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Self-confessed nerd burger and proud red-head Georgia Nanscawen tells us 10 things we probably didn't know about her.
Georgia Nanscawen

9 Jun 2016 - 7:23 PM  UPDATED 10 Jun 2016 - 9:53 AM

1. I am Roger Federer’s number 1 fan

Roger is an incredible athlete; I absolutely admire his class, humility and sportsmanship. I love him so much I even named my dog after him!

I was totally devastated to miss out on the opportunity of meeting Roger at the London Olympics (a few of my teammates ran into him by chance, and my heart breaks every time I see their picture with him), but if I am fortunate enough to go to Rio, I will be determined not to let the opportunity slip again!

2. I started up Little Pippin Creations, a website which shares my love of food and graphic design

I get great enjoyment out of cooking, and have a particular interest in making healthy treats.

I often had people asking me for the recipes of things that I made, so thought a website would be a great way of sharing them on a larger scale.

I absolutely love it when people tell me that they have made (and enjoyed) one of my recipes! I love graphic design because it gives me the opportunity to express my creative side!

3. I was the youngest person to play 100 games for the Hockeyroos

I was very fortunate to be selected for the Hockeyroos at the age of 16, and played my first game a day after my 17th birthday.

I feel very proud every time I get the opportunity to pull on the green and gold, and was very honoured to be the youngest to play 100 games for the Hockeyroos.

A couple of years later, I became the youngest to also reach 150 games. At the age of 24 I have played over 170 games, and am hoping there may be a few more on the horizon!

4. I'm an ambassador for the The Orangutan Project as part of their “Redheads for Redheads” program

I have always been very proud of my red hair (I always thought it helped me standout on the field) and am very passionate about wildlife conservation.

I hope that I am able to raise some awareness about the threats facing Orangutans and encourage others to help prevent the extinction of these amazing animals.

5. There's a Georgia Nascawen signature stick 

Working closely with the design team at Edge, we developed my very own “Georgia Nanscawen” signature stick.

It’s covered in orange flames and displays the TOP logo on the head. A percentage of each of my signature sticks sold went towards the foundation, which was pretty cool!

6. I've never been a coffee drinker

I am a huge tea lover. I have an ever-growing collection of different teas from T2, and always make sure I pop in store for a sneaky taste of the new blends! My ultimate favourite is Chai (I also am a sucker for a good chai latte).

7. I am a huge nerd 

I am absolutely obsessed with all things Harry Potter, the Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones.

When we were in London for a tournament pre 2012 Olympics I made it my mission to make sure we got to see the Harry Potter Studios. The only block of time we had available was after our last game and before we headed to the airport.

Despite the time pressure, we managed to navigate half way across London, take the tour of the Studios and get back in time for our flight!

Another big highlight was getting to go to Hobbiton whilst on a family holiday in NZ. The tour guide even commented how I could easily have been cast in the movie due to my short height and curly hair. My coach also made this observation, as he gave me the nickname Pippin (one of the Hobbits) after only a week on the job!

8. I am the great niece of a famous Geelong player, but I support Melbourne

Despite being the great, great niece of Carji Greeves (who won the first ever Brownlow Medal and played for Geelong) I am a very loyal Melbourne Demons supporter.  

The story goes, when I was born whoever won out of Melbourne and Geelong (Dad goes for Melbourne and Mum for Geelong) would become my team.

Apparently Melbourne won that game, though I don’t believe Dad would have had it any other way even if they didn’t!

9. I unashamedly love reality TV

MKR, Masterchef, Come Dine With Me, The Bachelor, The Amazing Race, Survivor, yep I watch (and love) them all!

10. My favourite quote is: 

“It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog”.

This article originally appeared on The Players' Herald