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(UPDATE: Eun Hye Lee forfeited this fight). On the 18th June, professional boxer Louisa "Bang Bang" Hawton will fight current champion Eun Hye Lee for the WBO World Female Light Flyweight title in South Korea. To say she's pretty pumped and ready is an understatement.
Rachel de Bear

10 Jun 2016 - 8:58 AM  UPDATED 11 Jun 2016 - 11:49 AM

At 5ft and 46kg she's punching above her weight

At Hawton's size it's hard to get a fight. 

That's why for this World Title bout, she's fighting up a couple of categories to 49kg. Her opponent, the current title holder Eun Hye Lee (South Korea) is taller but Hawton's not worried. 

"It should be good! I'm looking forward to it! I've just got to keep moving!."

The WBO World Female Light Flyweight bout has been a long time coming.  

"It was originally scheduled for January but has been postponed a couple of times. I would've loved to have had more fights by now this year but have just been waiting for this opportunity. It's worth more to me just to hold out and go for this one.

"I've been waiting and training hard and keeping mind focused. I'm finally getting to go over and get it done." 

And she's a damn good chance at bringing home the title 


Current champion Lee's record is eight and zero. Since turning professional in 2014, Hawton's is seven and zero. The first time Lee will defend her title, Hawton is her strongest opponent so far. 

Hawton describes her opponent as a bit busy. Of herself she says she's "a bit of a mover." 

Out of seven fights, Hawton's only gone once beyond the fourth round against Jujeath Nagaowa who took her to six (out of eight) rounds).

She hasn't needed to. Hawton's attacking style and dominance have been just too good.

As a world title bout is made up of 10, two-minute rounds some have questioned Hawton's stamina. But a website dedicated to Asian boxing had this to say: 

"In the ring Hawton is a confident, fast and powerful fighter. There are some technical chinks in her defense but watching her attack is worrying given her ability and explosiveness.

Getting into a fight with her isn't a smart idea, but from watching her she does seem able to force her style on to fights. Her her explosive aggression will be the difference between the two." 


Like many sportswomen, she juggles motherhood with her profession


Hawton ramps up the training coming into a fight and that means time away from her kids. For the last month, the Perth resident has been holed up in a NSW training camp. 

"It's pretty hard but you know at the same time I'm there and I've only got one thing I've got to do. It's good to focus."

A good relationship with her ex means she gets the support she needs in this important part of her life. And her kids support her too.

"They say to me "go hard," and "stay focused". They took my Asian Pacific belt to school.

"They probably (get sick of) always coming along to the gym with me. But they're pretty wrapped."

"I want to become the champion" 

When Hawton was "dragged" along to a kickboxing gym in 2012 for a fitness class she fell in love. 

"The first moment I walked into the gym I thought "I want to become the champion."

"I ended up doing the fighters' class that first week. I crossed over to boxing because I got injured and broke a bit of my foot. I didn't want to sit out for too long, I could only use my hands." 

Her competitiveness is ingrained and she's always wanted to push an extra level. 

"I used to skateboard and traveled around competing doing that. I've loved sport since when I was really young." 


What she'd tell anyone considering boxing 


"Have a lot of fun with it. it can be quite intimidating but just enjoy it. It's exciting.

"Be a sponge. learn from as many people as you can around you and just give it a shot.

"I love it so much, I just get lost in it. I look back now and things that have just clicked along the way and you have to go through those moments to get to that point. so it takes a while of practicing. but it's like anything you got to practice every day to be good at something."  

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