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Sports should provide equality for women in sport or lose government funding says the Australian Womensport and Recreation Association.
10 Jun 2016 - 11:05 AM  UPDATED 10 Jun 2016 - 11:05 AM

Taxpayer-supported national and state sporting associations that fail to have equal pay, conditions and policies for athletes, coaches, officials and administrators should be publicly named and face funding reviews.

This is one of the key priorities in an election policy platform A Sporting Chance launched today by the Australian Womensport and Recreation Association (AWRA).

The Australian Sports Commission must also publicly report on the gender diversity of boards, senior staff, Australian team management, coaches and officials of all taxpayer-supported organisations and suppliers, in particular national sporting organisations.

“Unless taxpayer-funded sports are held to account and gender-neutral polices are tied to funding, women in sport will continue to be under-represented, underpaid and under-resourced,” AWRA president Carol Fox said.

“If women in sport are denied a living wage and a career pathway, sport will remain a male domain on and off the field at all levels from the locker room to the board room.”

Federal and State governments must also unlock the doors of our taxpayer funded multi-million dollar sporting facilities to allow women equal access to playing and training facilities and sports medicine and administrative support.

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Any new sporting facilities, redesigns or renovations must also include suitable amenities and facilities for women and girls.

“This means meeting basic benchmarks including the appropriate number of women’s toilets and change rooms and giving our elite women’s teams equal field time to play and train,” Fox said. “Taxpayer-funded sporting stadiums must cater to all Australians.”

The ABC, the taxpayer-funded national broadcaster, must also have mandated guidelines ensuring equal broadcasting time for women and men’s sports on all ABC platforms.

“AWRA’s election platform priorities are aimed at ensuring our tax dollars are used equally and fairly to level the playing field for women and girls in sport and active recreation,” Fox said.

“If AWRA’s polices are adopted and implemented, Australia will be a healthier, more active and tolerant society with a greater number of women and girls engaged in sport and active recreation.”

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