• The Assassins in action (Steven Craddock)Source: Steven Craddock
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15 Jun 2016 - 5:34 PM  UPDATED 15 Jun 2016 - 5:34 PM

1. They're invited to the 2016 East Coast Derby Extravaganza (ECDX)


In the roller derby world an invitation to this US event, especially when you're only ranked 103rd in the world, is a pretty big deal.

You see, the world rankings and the world of roller derby acronyms are all pretty difficult to understand.  

So all you, the average punter, needs to know is its the first time a Sydney Roller Derby League team has competed in the event's history.

And The Assassins are in Philadelphia this week playing from 17-19 June 2016. Check out more about the event here.   

2. You can't just be 103rd and get an invited to Philly, you have to have SOME game

And they have. The Assassins' wins against New Zealand teams Pirate City Rollers and Auckland Roller Derby gained them the points required for the ECDX invitation. 

At last weekend's Great Southern Slam, the sport's Australian national tournament and one of the largest in the world, The Assassins defeated Brisbane's Sun State Roller Girls, ranked a much higher 27 in the world rankings. It also earned them a place in the grand final.


3. Their major rivals are Canberra


Regional competition is often taken more personally, and winning against historic rivals, the Canberra Roller Derby League at both the 2015 Quad Save the Queen and again at the Eastern Regional Roller Derby tournament has only fueled their ambition.  

4. Because Victoria IS better than Sydney, well, at least at roller derby anyway 


The Victorian Roller Derby League All Stars defeated The Assassins in last weekend's Great Southern Slam grand final.  

The All Stars are pretty much the reason other Australian teams can now get membership into the the world's Women's Flat Track Derby Association and be ranked. Until they gained full membership in 2011, it was quite difficult to gain membership.

Once trailblazers now ranked 2nd in the world and #1 in Australia, The All Stars are a team The Assassins and others around the country seek to emulate. 

5. Their co-captains are Juicy Vengeance and Slayher Kinney 



Co-captain Slayher Kinney is impressed with how hard the team has worked so far this year. 

"We have been training really hard as a squad since February this year and really amped up the hours in the last two months.

"[We've] really worked hard on shaping The Assassins style of game. We had a number of newer skaters to the squad in February that we wanted to get incorporated into the team and our style. 

“Tournaments are also really great opportunities for the team to put to the test what we have been working on. Due to the high number of games we are able to build on the strong foundation we have built and further improve our game over the course of the weekend.”

The Assassins play their first game back in Sydney after arriving home from the US 7 July 2016. You can follow their progress on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter