• The Hockeyroos celebrate a win. (Hockey Australia)Source: Hockey Australia
We know they’ve got game on the field, but the Hockeyroos are also crushing it on Instagram. Here are 17 times their posts were on point.
Erin Byrnes

16 Jun 2016 - 7:48 AM  UPDATED 4 Jul 2016 - 9:33 AM

1. When they were photobombed by THE QUEEN

2. Oh, and the time they met Prince Harry

3. When they found the perfect backdrop for a team huddle pic

4. When they thought they were in The Matrix

5. When they attempted the highly difficult underwater selfie

6. When Edwina Bone and Kirsten Dwyer made these faces

7. In fact, whenever those two are in an Instagram photo together

8. When the team paid tribute to Kookaburras legend Jamie Dwyer

9. When they mastered the ‘picking someone up’ element of a team snap, which is seriously a lot harder than it looks

10. And just plain crushed the awkward family photo

11. When they found the time and energy to strike a pose during a workout

12. And got the guns out as well

13. When they formed a bike gang

14. When Jane Claxton and Ashleigh Nelson were your #BFFgoals

15. When they held a bunch of puppies

16. When they even managed to work in formation in the ice bath

17. And when they showed that despite having fun off the field, they work bloody hard on it

Set your alarms

The Hockeyroos will compete in the Champions Trophy in London from June 18-June 26 and Fox Sports will show every game live.

  • June 18: Australia vs USA at 9pm
  • June 20: Australia vs NZ at 1am
  • June 21: Australia vs Argentina at 11.30pm
  • June 24: Australia vs Netherlands at 3am
  • June 26: Australia vs Great Britain at 1am
  • June 27: Final at 3.30am

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