• Taylor Swift attends the 2016 Vanity Fair Oscar Party February 28, 2016 (Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images) (Pascal Le Segretain)
Taylor Swift takes a walk on a beach. The internet nearly has a meltdown. Imagine if women's sport got this kind of coverage. What amount of coverage are we actually talking about?
Rachel de Bear

29 Jun 2016 - 5:43 PM  UPDATED 29 Jun 2016 - 6:00 PM

Overwhelmed by the sheer size of the coverage Taylor Swift walking on a beach received, we thought we'd conduct a quick little comparative Google search between female celebrities and sportswomen to see what the results might be.

Restricting the search to Australian and news sites only, it's interesting to discover the results.

(Please also note, where it says "in depth" in the results when you click on this includes global sites so were excluded unless all sites mentioned were Australian) 

Taylor Swift & Serena Williams 

Taylor Swift goes for a walk  

If you've been living under some kind of wonderful rock, here's the breaking news: singer Taylor Swift got a new boyfriend, English actor Tom Hiddleston. And yes, of course they're Twiddleston.

They're not only together, they went for a walk on the beach, he in expensive and impractical shoes apparently. Here's the results:

If you just search "Taylor Swift Tom Hiddleston" this is just a sample of the first results page from the last couple of days:


Serena Williams takes her 80th win at Wimbledon 

Serena Williams battled to her 80th Wimbledon win on Tuesday, defeating Amra Sadikovic to a 6-2, 6-4 in the first-round of the 2016 edition.

Williams is one of the biggest stars in tennis. Using the same search criteria:

Not quite as many. 

Georgia Love & the National Rugby XVs Championship

Georgia Love

Georgia Love is of course the new Bachelorette coming soon to Network Ten. The show hasn't even started yet, Love was just revealed (pun intended). 

72 results. 

National Women's XVs Championship

Last weekend the 2016 National Women’s XVs Rugby Championship was held in Sydney, the home side and reigning championships claiming the title. It was the first time the tournament had a major sponsor, Buildcorp a construction company and was seen to be the an important first step on new road for Australian women's rugby. 

The coverage it received (about eight results) was actually encouraging. But still. It's no Bachelorette type coverage.

First ever Wallaroos sponsor kicks off $200k fundraising campaign
A New Zealand tour, a Bledisloe Cup curtain raiser, and a new sponsor add up to a Huge Deal for the Wallaroos. But there's still a way to go. That's why the Wallaroos' new sponsor has kicked off a fundraising campaign.
The first step on the new pathway for Australian women's rugby
This weekend is the Buildcorp National Women’s XVs Championship and will be the first step on the new road for Australian Women’s rugby following the recent announcement of the two year sponsorship of the tournament.

Roxy Jacenko & Sam Kerr 

Roxy Jacenko breaks her Instagram silence

I didn't know who Roxy Jacenko was until I googled her name after reading that title on a news site. 

She is founder of PR firm Sweaty Betty and wife of convicted insider trader Oliver Curtis. And chronic Instagrammer. Jacenko responding to an ACA story on her by taking to Instagram after a stint of brief silence was apparently enough to garner this many results (five to six):


Sam Kerr kicks a fantastic goal

Kerr-ific Sam returns with a bang
Matildas striker Sam Kerr made another large stride towards a return for Rio 2016

Australian footballer Sam Kerr back playing for her US league team pulled off this stunning goal. 

Nope, nowhere to be seen. It wasn't on general Google results either or under Sam Kerr. 


Maybe there isn't one. With online news sites soon to go the way of their dead tree ancestors, this is probably a pointless exercise, social media is covering some of the slack. For example, there were some results for "Sam Kerr goal" when you search on Twitter (three of them by Zela).

But social media can be just as depressing. For example, a quick look showed quite a few mentions of Williams' win but when limited to just the Top results, it was still depressing and Swift's sandy walk won out. 

Oh well. Suppose there's nothing else to do but Shake it Off.

Or look at that Kerr video again. Gooooooalllllllll!