As Zela guest editor Jessica Lomax proves, it turns out you can eat chocolate and still be in top shape...
Jessica Lomax

8 Jul 2016 - 6:00 PM  UPDATED 8 Jul 2016 - 6:00 PM

With a business to run, training and life my time to cook meals becomes very limited.

I do a massive cook up of what I require for the week every Sunday and freeze what is not needed over the first two days.

1. Avocado

My super food. Before adding this food into my meals I found myself very irritable and tired. Plus it never fails to enhance the flavour of my meals.

2. Sweet potato chips

I personally just love sweet potato. When it's roasted it helps curb the sweet craving for me.

3. Spices

Time is essential. I grab a pre made meal heat it up and go again. Spices on the foods I choose to eat bring life to what ordinarily would be boring and mundane. My favourite to use lately is turmeric.

4. Water (variety of fruit)

I don't like sports drinks. Adding fruit mostly lemon with the cooler weather helps with variety.

5. Maltesers

Not kidding! Moderation is essential to sticking to any meal plan and for me 4-5 of these every few days ensures I stay on track with my nutritional goals. It's okay to enjoy something "naughty" as long as you moderate your intake.

We aren't super heroes. Eating for your goals is essential but unless you are a world class athlete I see no reason for anyone to restrict themselves as one.


One cheat meal a week. Date night or family dinner. It does not have to be huge it's just something small and different to keep your body firing on all cylinders.


Jessica Lomax is a National Representative for Mixed Martial Arts, a champion competitor in National All Styles and with a Black Belt 3rd in Bon Karate and has more recently made her mark as the pioneer trainer at 9Round Forest Lake. She is guest editor for a special edition of Zela articles and has written, commissioned and created content for readers around her passion of sport and her broader interests.