• Jessica Lomax is a Mixed Martial Arts fighter with a black belt 3rd in Bon Karate (Instagram)Source: Instagram
Today's special guest editor is Jessica Lomax, a National Representative for Mixed Martial Arts and Black Belt 3rd in Bon Karate.
Jessica Lomax

8 Jul 2016 - 4:49 PM  UPDATED 8 Jul 2016 - 4:49 PM

Hey guys,


It's been a blast sharing a few of my values and experiences with you.

It doesn't take a professional or elite athlete to know that in whatever field you choose to pursue, follow what you think is best for you. Even if it doesn't eventuate the way you wanted, you've learned and can make a better attempt next time.

Life is tough! For women, we experience a whole array of difficulties that men can not always comprehend. Get behind each other and support your girlfriends. Women supporting women is the only way we can expect men to do the same.

Eat to live healthy and active lives, play for fun and exercise and always remember to be the woman you were born to be, who ever she may be.

Stay awesome at what ever you choose to do.


Jessica Lomax




Jessica Lomax is a National Representative for Mixed Martial Arts, a champion competitor in National All Styles and with a Black Belt 3rd in Bon Karate and has more recently made her mark as the pioneer trainer at 9Round Forest Lake. She is guest editor for a special edition of Zela articles and has written, commissioned and created content for readers around her passion of sport and her broader interests.

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