Today's special guest editor is Mary Konstantopoulos, a 27 year old lawyer who loves sport, particularly rugby league and the Parramatta Eels.
Mary Konstantopoulos

9 Jul 2016 - 5:30 PM  UPDATED 9 Jul 2016 - 7:20 PM

Hi Everyone

My passion for rugby league and the Eels has led me to begin a blog called ‘Ladies who League’ which encourages women to get involved in conversations about rugby league.  Since then, the blog has become a podcast, episodes of which you can find here and there have been several spin off blogs including ‘Ladies who Legspin’, ‘Ladies who Lineout’ and ‘Ladies who Leap’.   It truly is a joy to be able to be an advocate for the sports I love so much.


SBS Zela is a website I visit everyday. In a year that has been ground breaking for women’s sport, led by teams like the Matildas, the Australian Rugby 7’s Women’s Team, the Southern Stars and athletes like Bronte and Cate Campbell, it is wonderful to have a website dedicated not only to sharing women’s sports results, but also helping everyone get to know our female athletes better.


But back to rugby league.  Often when I declare that I am a passionate rugby league fan, I am met with surprised looks – “how could a girl like you like rugby league?”  Whenever I am asked this question I am firstly baffled (what should girls like me enjoy?) and then become determined to change that person’s mind.


The articles that I have decided to share with all of you today is my attempt to highlight to all of you just how involved women are in rugby league and that the game is committed to ensuring that women are welcome in all aspects of the rugby league family.


From Marina Go, chairperson at Wests Tigers; Raelene Castle, Bulldogs CEO; Yvonne Sampson, the first woman to anchor State of Origin coverage; and referees Belinda Sleeman and Kasey Badger.


Then there are our Jillaroos who, for the first time this year, were broadcast on Channel Nine, as well as the countless female fans and volunteers who are part of the rugby league family.


I hope you enjoy the pieces and the next time that someone says to you that ‘rugby league is a male dominated sport’, join with me and prove them wrong.



Mary K and Ladies who League xxx

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