• Simone Biles has retained her world women's gymnastics title at the world championships in China. (AAP)
Earlier this year, Zela shared a video of Simone Biles, the America gymnast whose floor routine videos broke the internet. The 19-year-old has dominated her sport since 2013 and she's gone viral - again.
Rachel de Bear

12 Jul 2016 - 6:25 AM  UPDATED 12 Jul 2016 - 7:30 AM

Is this the most dominant female athlete in any sport in the entire world?
American commentators are somewhat prone to hyperbole but this is pretty bloody flawless.

She's a boss

Here's the video we shared last time. Simone Biles at the Pacific Rim Championships. This one's up to 11 million views.  


Biles competed in the 2016 P&G Championships last week in St. Louis which also served as Olympic trials for the USA team's gymnastic team. 

Biles' floor routine was pretty much flawless, as over 14 million people can attest:


  • First woman to be all-around world champion three years in a row
  • won 14 total world championships medals - the most ever won by an American woman
  • first woman to win four straight all-around titles at the US national championships
  • has won every all-around competition she's entered since the 2013 P&G Championships i.e. 12 titles in a row with all-around scores over 62 points when not many can break 60. 

Even when Bile's not doing her best, she still wins

At the 2015 World Championships she went out of bounds on her floor routine and almost fell off the balance beam and didn't land her vault well either. Because Biles pushes the boundaries, she was still able to take the title over fellow American Gabby Douglas. 

Gabby Douglas is the reigning Olympic champion and pretty much a major rival. 

"I was pretty disappointed in how I did [at the 2015 Worlds in] Glasgow, because I knew I could do better. Even though I came out on top with the gold it just didn't feel good because for me I did bad."

Of course she has a signature move 

It's the Biles! In 2013, Biles performed two back flips followed by a half twist in a straight position. She not only invented and was the first woman to perform the move, apparently she's the only one who does it. 

"Mom and Dad" 

It became clear when Biles was a toddler her biological mother could not take care of Simone and her younger sister Adria as she struggled with drug and alcohol addiction. Her maternal grandfather Ron and his second wife Nellie adopted and brought up in the pair Texas and are simply "mom and dad."

Back flips off the mailbox

Biles wasn't even old enough to take a gymnastics class before she could perform daring feats like back flips off the mailbox. A class excursion to a gym when she was six was the clincher. She started training pretty much straight away.

A year later, Aimee Borman a coach who never had an elite gymnast under her wing before, saw her talent and has coached her ever since. 

We can't wait until Rio to see what Biles can do there. 



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