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Don't walk, somersault.
Sophie Verass

19 Jul 2016 - 7:25 PM  UPDATED 19 Jul 2016 - 9:45 PM

Watch these three everyday women expose their superpowers as they nimbly vault, jump and roll themselves over London's urban terrain. 

The video shows Annty Marais, a parkour coach, mover, athlete; Fizz Hood, a movement artist, stunt woman and parkour coach; and Shirley Darlington, parkour coach working simultaneously, demonstrating the grace of this unique and somewhat unusual sport. 

What is Parkour?

Parkour is a movement and athletic discipline which originates from military obstacle course training.

It involves moving quickly and creatively over different obstacles and in many cases, parkour athletes or freerunners use city matter like benches, walls, railing, fences and playground equipment for these exercises.   

Women and Parkour

Parkour was developed by a father-son duo, Raymond and David Parkour and the activity is still largely dominated by men.

Many people in the parkour community agree that testosterone - being boisterous, aggressive and domineering - plays a leading role in classes and clubs, where freerunners want to "show off"

Subsequently, Darlington runs women-only classes as a means of fitness and female empowerment. Her organisation, 'See & Do' (producers of the video) promotes women being active in the outdoors and aims to normalise images of women as brave and strong individuals who can take on new challenges.




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