• The Rio 2016 sign stands in front of the Olympic Village, which the Aus Team has labelled 'uninhabitable' (AP Photo/Silvia Izquierdo) (AAP)Source: AAP
Rio Olympic Village has been declared 'uninhabitable', having everything from blocked toilets to exposed wiring, all in the discomfort of a bad neighbourhood
Sophie Verass

25 Jul 2016 - 1:36 PM  UPDATED 25 Jul 2016 - 6:38 PM

Just when you thought that there couldn't be any more hurdles (Olympic pun) for the Rio De Janerio Games amongst the political and economical turmoil; the spread of the Zika virus; and extensive pollution in bodies of water that are supposed to be used in Olympic events, Olympic teams have deemed the accommodation, “uninhabitable”.

Apparently there is something worse than canoeing in landfill and according to reports from the Head of the Australian Olympic team, Kitty Chiller, it's mixing water with electricity in an enclosed space. 

Chiller told the press that in her five successions of participating in the global event, she has never experienced an Olympic village in such "a state" so close to the Opening Ceremony kick off. Consequently, the Australian team has been moved into temporary accommodation while severe maintenance issues in their supplied quarters - ‘building 23’ - are fixed.

Reports say that problems included - just about every breach of OHS regulation - such as, blocked toilets, leaking pipes, darkened stairwells with no lighting installed, unclean floors, water dripping through the roof and down the walls, exposed wirlong and water from dripping walls into exposed wiring. Also, if the maintence issues weren't enough, a few kilometres outside the village, there are reports of a series truck stops, notorious for child exploitation and sex trafficking.

"From what we've seen, you wouldn't put people in there yet"

The Sydney Morning Herald reported that a spokesperson from the Australian Olympic Committee said, “From what we’ve seen, you wouldn’t put people in there yet.”

To demonstrate the grand scale of how Rio Olympic Village has built a facility that you wouldn’t wish upon your worst enemy, we’ve compared it with some seemingly terrible living quarters that are preferable more than a 31 story building with water falling onto exposed electric wiring.


1. This prison cell

Justice Center Leoben in Styria, Austria was designed by award-winning architect, Joseph Hohensinn.

Often described as a '5-star prison', the reform centre has private bathrooms, a large kitchenette and floor-to-ceiling windows. 


2. Australia’s most haunted house

Originally an 1800s psychiatric hospital, visitors of Larundel in Melbourne can still hear banging on the walls and crying down the corridor of this terrifying old building. 

Having paranormal activity of a young 19th century girl in a white dress aside, Larundel is in prime real estate, just 15 km from the CDB and surrounded by top universities. As such, the former mental asylum is undergoing a hot property development, where the site will be repurposed into modern apartments featuring, high ceilings,  "colonial glazing bars" (wat?) and a "rustic finish". 


3. Co-op university accommodation


Canberra student housing co-op, Havelock House is a unique living arrangement where university students and people who live in public housing live in the same building. While the venture sounds like liberal politics and games, it's been described as 'oil mixing with water' and sadly, a job-seeking 40-year-old reformed substance abuser living with 21-year-old neo-Marxists who love to party isn't always 'co-operative'.  

However, Havelock House has unlimited utilities, weekly fresh fruit and vegetables and importantly, cleaning supplies - so they're already doing better than Rio Village.        


4. Underground

This old missile bunker 185-feet below the ground has been transformed in a trendy concrete bubble of architectural genius. The kitchen, living room, bedroom and office all revolve around a giant central piler, all rooms have been designed to fit the circular shape; like the kitchen's a curved counter.  

While you'd have to get used to living without windows, owner Bruce Townsey has installed a TV monitor hooked up to an above ground camera.  


5. Australia's ugliest bedroom

The owners of this floral eyesore in Blackheath, NSW recently won a renovation make-over up to transform, what looks like, a potpurri bomb went off in a cheap hotel into something that no longer looks like Red Riding Hood's grandma's house.

The competition entry was selected by star interior stylist, Emma Blomfield who said that that eyesore wallpaper was paired with outdated lighting fixtures, demonstrating that by at least having lighting fixtures, this national feng shui nightmare is already better than Rio. 


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