While we don’t know who will feature on this poster of every female medalist from the Rio Olympics, we do know that it’s going to be freakin’ amazing.
Erin Byrnes

25 Jul 2016 - 7:25 AM  UPDATED 26 Jul 2016 - 5:00 PM

Following the 2012 London Games, Melbourne artist Wendy Fox created an infographic poster celebrating each of the female gold medalists, and she’s back at it again for Rio.

The project celebrated the diversity of elite female athletes, in the form of a print, website and poster depicting each athlete’s sport, country, physical attributes and their accomplishments.

After the success of the 2012 Women’s Gold Medallist series, Fox has thankfully brought the project back to life, and will this week launch a Kickstarter for those wanting to get their hands on the poster.

It will feature each gold medal winning female Olympian from the 2016 Rio Games, dressed in their athletic uniform, wearing their medal, and standing in a line, in order of height.

The illustrations are both simple and striking.

Fox says the aim is to provide positive media exposure for the elite athletes competing in the Games.

“Women participate in 40% of all sport however media coverage for female athletes is at 4-7%. Astoundingly, the top hit on internet searches for ‘female athletes’ result in lists of the ‘hottest’ and ‘sexiest’ women in sport,” she says.

“Women, despite their gold medal athleticism are still objectified, sexualized and defined by how attractive they are, not by their athletic prowess.”

Fox hopes that by providing statistical data in a visually stunning way, she’ll be able to inspire young female athletes by demonstrating the vast array of body shapes found in sportswomen.

The Kickstarter campaign will begin on Tuesday July 26, and run until August 24.

In addition to the poster, website, and video, Fox will design an illustrated book that will serve as not just a collectible, but a design piece and a document of elite female athletes in 2016.

Rewards for pledging include a PDF of the book, a poster, the book, a limited edition art print, and incredible, an art print with YOU inserted into the line-up.

You can see check out the Kickstarter page here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/womensgoldmedalists/womens-gold-medalists-rio-2016


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