Dogs are a whole lot like athletes, when you think about it - energetic, eager, happy to chase a ball for hours on end... So it makes sense that they're the pet of choice for dozens of sportswoman.
Rachel De Bear, Erin Byrnes

29 Jul 2016 - 11:25 AM  UPDATED 29 Jul 2016 - 11:30 AM

At Zela we're constantly asking the tough questions, such as the game-changing, relationship-breaking: "Are you a cat person or a dog person?"

And the results are in: dogs are the fur babies most loved by athletes

Of all the athletes we asked, around two thirds chose dogs, while roughly one in 10 answered they loved both or all animals. Nawwww.

Not only was the result a landslide win for dog-kind, the athletes who said yes to dogs did so with 1000 percent enthusiasm - just like OTT puppies. The cat people tended to play it a little cooler - typical - while we're digging that two named them Rio and Sochi, after Olympic Games.

We could go into more detail about what each athlete's answer says about their personality and psyche, but the real reason why we're all here is to see adorable pictures of kittens and puppies. 

So without further delay, here's a sample selection of athletes, some pics of their pets, and a few of the best responses to the big question.

The dog days are never over

The Hockeyroos 

Hockeyroo Ashleigh Nelson was kidding when she said "Very much a dog person. Cat people get publicly ridiculed in our team so being a dog lover is a safer option!" The team even spend time a dog refuge shelter in Perth. 

Jess Fox - Canoe

"DOG! Can’t wait to have my own when I stop travelling so much." 

Caroline Buchanan - BMX

"Dog…I am obsessed with french bulldogs. My Instagram feed is full of #Frenchies #Frenchbulldogs #InstaFrenchie."

Carmen Marton - Taekwondo

"DOG!!! 1000000000% I love all animals but dogs are the bomb diggedy!"

Kezie Apps - Rugby League

"Dog. 100% dog."

Christine Nunn - Squash

"Easy question, definitely a dog person! Absolutely love being the aunty to the numerous pups in my life. Can’t wait to have a pup of my own one day!"

Keesja Gofers - Water Polo

"Dog. 100%. My puppy dog Magic is the cutest boy in all the world."  

Tracey Hannah - Mountain Bike

"Dogs I love my dogs so much they make my life better."

Ruan Sims - Rugby League

"I have a rescue dog with one eye and a bad attitude."

Karina Brown - Rugby League

"Dog – cats are boring."

Athletes with cattitude 

Sami Kennedy-Sim - Freestyle Skiing  

"Cat. My cat is Sochi (named after the 2014 Olympic Games)." 

Monique Murphy - Para Swimming

"CAT. I adopted a ginger cat from the rescue centre end of last year and named her Rio."

Best of both worlds

Rachel Jarry - Basketball

"I love and have both although I think my dog likes me more than my cat does!"

Shelley Watts - Boxing

"Both! As a kid I had the BEST German Shepard ever!! It was so sad when he passed away. But now at home, we have a cat & she is the queen of the house and stares me down whenever I'm home to make sure I remember it ;) but she's also pretty loving too!"  

Not just pro-dog, but anti-cat

Allana Ferguson - Rugby League

"Dog – cos I had a cat and it clawed me once. I don’t trust cats."

Marijana Rajcic - Football

"I HATE cats, their eyes freak me out. They are always starting me down. Definitely a dog person 100%" 

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