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You know who Robin Hood and Katniss Everdeen are, but that’s about it. Luckily your old pals at Zela are here to help you fill in the gaps when it comes to Olympic archery!
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Let’s cut to the chase. Is it anything like The Hunger Games?

Well, there’s a bow, arrows and a quiver, but that’s about it. Although people do get knocked out one by one, they thankfully live to shoot another day, and watch the rest of the Games safely from the stands.

So who are we cheering for?

Australia has only one female representative - Olympic debutant Alice Ingley.

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Have we got a shot?

Anything can happen at the Olympics, but it’s fair to say that 23 year old Ingley is not one of the favourites going into the Games. We’ll be right behind her all the same!

South Korea crush Olympic archery - they’ve won 19 gold medals, and 34 medals in total.

Basic rules

Shoot the arrow as close as you can to the bullseye. The closer you get to the middle, the more points you get, which you probably figured out for yourself. That’s about all you really need.

But to take it a bit deeper, archery is a knockout competition, in a best of five sets arrangement. Each archer gets three arrows, with the winner of each bout progressing until the gold medal round. It’s similar to a tennis tournament, with 64 athletes lining up in the first round.

Before competition officially begins, the archers take part in a 72-arrow qualification round to determine their seeding - the 64th ranked archer will shoot against the number one ranked archer.

Jargon buster

Draw - The act of pulling the bow string.
Bracer - An arm guard.
Face - The target.
Fletching - The feathers or coloured plastic “wings” attached towards the rear of an arrow.
Quiver - A pouch used to hold arrows and other accessories.
Nock - The plastic device at the end of an arrow in which the string is placed.
Porpoising - The movement of arrow up and down during flight.

Cool fact

Each archer marks their arrows with their initials.

Is it true Geena Davis once tried out for the US archery team?

Yep! Here’s the photo of your dreams.

Date details

The women’s individual competition will run from Day 3-Day 7 (August 8-12), with the rankings round kicking off on Saturday August 6 at 2am AEST, the day of the opening ceremony.

Olympic history

Australia has won two archery medals - Simon Fairweather’s gold in Sydney 2000, and Tim Cuddihy’s bronze in Athens 2004.

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