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Can we please end the ‘Golden Girls’ epidemic?
Danielle Warby, Erin Byrnes

4 Aug 2016 - 7:55 AM  UPDATED 4 Aug 2016 - 9:32 PM

As far as we’re concerned at Team Zela, the only time we like hearing the phrase ‘Golden Girls’ is if someone is about to pop this slice of heaven into the DVD player.

The phrase has become so overused, it’s essentially now a synonym for every female Aussie athlete competing at the Olympics - whether they’ve won gold or not! (Looking at you, ABC…)

The opening ceremony isn't even underway yet, and it's already out of control. Imagine when they actually start handing out the medals. Swimming is the sport where's it's most prevalent for some reason, so be aware.

While we’re not out to just have a crack at other media outlets (we’re not perfect ourselves), we do think it’s a pretty lazy tool for journos to rip out when they can’t think of a catchy phrase or headline.

We get it. It's got alliteration. It's descriptive. It's sort-of-clever. We've travelled down that road and back again. And now it needs to be thrown into the sea.

You'll also note that we don't use the term girls at all, unless it's referring to an athlete who is under 18. Referring to a strong, hardworking female athlete as a 'girl' is a bit patronising, we reckon. 

So let's get creative! Put those communications degrees to good use! And be a friend to Zela - say no to 'Golden Girls'. 

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