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Monday 28 Mar 2016

Just in case you haven't seen it, here's Virginia dancing at the White House. 

Professional long distance runner Stephanie Rothstein Bruce lets it all hang out like she just don't care. And she shouldn't - this IS reality! 


She tracked her progress from the start. Good on ya Stephanie!  Looked like a bloody big baby!!


This happened a month ago, but it's still good! 


On how Black Girls do Bike was founded

"Two summers ago I found myself in the saddle more than ever before. I was commuting more and I carved out lots of time for recreational rides with the family. It was the best summer ever! By midsummer, though, I realized that I saw very few women of color in my travels. My curiosity took me to the Internet where I was surprised to find very few images of black female riders (not models posing next to bikes, but actual riders). I also found no real national organization devoted to encouraging women of color to consider cycling. I thought, someone should totally start this! I created a Facebook page that day and BGDB was born." 

Read the interview here

The Westfield Matildas will play six matches in NSW for the next five years under an agreement between the Football Federation Australia (FFA) and the NSW Government recently announced. 

“The Westfield Matildas (is) the national team that truly represents Australia in all its diversity and they have a fantastic supporter base in NSW,” said FFA CEO David Gallop. “(The Matildas) are premium brands in the sports landscape and their matches are always popular.

"We are delighted to sign a long term five year deal with the NSW Government that will ensure certainty for these premium matches. 

“This agreement also allows us the opportunity to showcase the Westfield Matildas on home soil. The Matildas have proven to be tremendous role models for young women at the World Cup and the recent Qualifiers in Japan.”
said the new long-term partnership with FFA ensures NSW receives an annual supply of quality international football.

“I am delighted that we have come to an agreement with the FFA through our tourism and major events agency, Destination NSW, to secure at least 11 games featuring these teams for NSW between 2016-2020,” NSW Minister for Trade, Tourism and Major Events and Minister for Sport Stuart Ayres said.

“These international matches will attract thousands of visitors to the State, with a total estimated visitor impact of more than $20 million. This is great news for local hotels, restaurants and businesses, as well as local football fans," he said. 


Thursday 24 Mar 2016