Are you all TL;DR? Here's are some bite-sized snippets of news. Perfect for sounding like you know LOADS about women in sport.
Tuesday 19 Apr 2016

Watch the final here: Australia v Austria (not at all confusing)

Begins around the 9 (hours) and 25 minute mark 

Australian Dodgeroos set for inaugural World Cup
Duck, dodge, dip, dive and dodge. Yes, the movie-inspired dodgeball is now an organised sport!

Friday 15 Apr 2016

Matildas Rio training camps are a go!

Camp dates

  • May 1-4
  • May 16-19
  • June 13-16
  • June 20-24
  • June 27-30
Thursday 14 Apr 2016

A reminder if you didn't see the original picture (on the right):

Dutch women's football team, Dussense Boys Dames did their own version:

This pregnant mum Liza Edwards became a viral sensation because she hopes to surf right up until the birth of her child. She even joked about her waters breaking in the water! Check out Surfing Mums Australia too.