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Country Needs People (Yamatji Marlpa Aboriginal Corporation)

Nyangumarta Warrarn Elder Nyaparu Rose speaks about federal funding uncertainty for Indigenous Ranger Programs. 

Belinda Hoare
Published on
Thursday, February 18, 2016 - 13:01
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Communities concerned about the future of ranger programs due to a lack of funding.


Indigenous Ranger and Protected Area programs are developed with community consultation and support.


These programs are successfully growing and developing all over Australia.


Rangers looking after Indigenous Protected Areas bring traditional Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander knowledge to sea and country.


They work with scientists to protect delicate ecosystems, at the same time maintaining heritage and culture in community.


But with new Federal Government budgetary decisions being made, will these programs get the support they need?


Nyangumarta Warrarn Elder Nyaparu Rose, CEO of Nyangumarta Warrarn Aboriginal Corporation started the campaign to maintain and develop the ranger program in the Pilbara since her country since Native Title determination in 2009 (the IPA dedication was in 2015).



"The Country Needs People" is one group fighting the growth and security of opportunities for land and sea country management by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.


You can join their campaign on their facebook or webpage.