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Frances Little with Cyril and Hazel in the Dialysis ward at Armidale Hospital with the dialysis chair donated by the Jimmy Little Foundation. (Jimmy Little Foundation )

The Jimmy Little Foundation aims to address the high rate of Kidney disease in Aboriginal communities

Khi-Lee Thorpe
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Khi-Lee Thorpe
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Friday, October 28, 2016 - 11:36
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The Jimmy Little Foundation Nursing Scholarship is open for application.  Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students demonstrating an interest in working with kidney health in regional areas of the country are encouraged to apply.  

The scholarship based at Charles Sturt University continues  Dr. Jimmy Little OAMs intentions of giving back to the community he loved. 

Mr. Little spent countless hours on dialysis machines before receiving a kidney transplant and knew how difficult the process could be.

Kidney Health Australia's annual State of the Nation report identifies that fifty-nine thousand Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are living with signs of chronic kidney disease — making Indigenous Australians more than twice as likely to have evidence of kidney failure than non-Indigenous people. 

New South Wales has the highest rate of adults living with signs of chronic kidney disease. 

The foundation has identified the need for the more Aboriginal and Torres Strait nurses to help set up dialysis machines and work with patients in regional areas. 

Frances Little is the daughter of Jimmy Little and the CEO Of the Jimmy Little Foundation. She spoke with Khi-Lee Thorpe about the Jimmy Little Foundation Scholarship. 

Apply here


“I have seen too much fear and sadness caused by the early death and suffering from potentially preventable chronic illnesses by my Indigenous brothers & sisters. So I started The Jimmy Little Foundation to do something positive to curb the rate of chronic disease. Our goal is to promote a healthier future for Indigenous Australians and I hope you will join us to help realise our dream”. Dr. Jimmy Little OAM

The Jimmy Little Foundation aims to improve the quality of life for Indigenous Australians.