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ActionAid's food distribution point in Kenya (ActionAid)

Saturday, 19 August was World Humanitarian Day. Its a day often used to celebrate aid and humanitarian workers who fly into crisis zones to provide support.East Africa, we are all aware, is experiencing what the UN calls the largest humanitarian crisis in its history, with over 16 million people facing severe food shortages as a result of either drought or conflict or both in Kenya, Ethiopia, Somalia and South Sudan. ActionAid Australia is responding to the crisis, supporting women leaders in Somaliland and Kenya to distribute food and water in their communities, and to ensure the protection of womens rights during the emergency. ActionAid Australia's Head of Communications, Holly Miller, is in Somaliland. She spoke with Martin Kwakwa.

Martin Kwakwa
Published on
Tuesday, August 22, 2017 - 15:24
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Getting to the end of the conversation Martin spoke with ActionAid Somalia's Protection Officer, Hibo, a native of Somaliland, discussing how people are coping with the food and water shortage.