Jihad Darwish with Ahmad Hraishi on their way to child's burial (Facebook)

The father of Jihad Darwiche has forgiven the driver of the SUV which killed the eight-year-old in his classroom.

In a video recorded in the hearse carrying his young son’s coffin, the distraught dad said forgiveness was “the way a proper Muslim acts in a time of calamity and tribulation”.

 it’s an honest mistake he called in saying it could happen to him or to anyone else whiole asking everyone to forgive.

The father said his son’s death was a tragic accident and he even invited driver Maha Al-Shennag, who is facing a raft of charges over the accident, to sit down with his family for a meal.

Jamileh Fakhri
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Friday, November 10, 2017 - 16:26
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