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Not another war

The American President Donald Trump has threatened to wipe our Iran if it attacks his countries interests.
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Australia won't be fazed, intimidated or fatalistic as the United States and China deal with their trade tensions, the prime minister will tell a Sydney event. 
Australians cannot be "passive bystanders" as the United States and China work through their trade differences, Scott Morrison has warned. "We should not just sit back and passively await our fate in the wake of a major power contest," the prime ...
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End of financial year in Australia witness some change that will affect superannuation, Tax, payroll and Sunday penalties
Listen to the full interview with Radwan Hamdan in Arabic above 
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SBS Arabic24 spoke with the general manager of the Australian National Imam’s Council (ANIC) Halal Authority to bust some of the myths associated with Halal meat.
warning: Graphic content    Muslims around the world choose to eat Halal food because it meets requirements that they believe make it suitable for consumption. Halal originates from rules and guidelines set out in the Qur’an and the Hadith (the P...
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Egyptian security forces raided the offices of 19 companies allegedly linked to banned Muslim Brotherhood.
SBS Arabic24's Cairo correspondent Mohamed Alshazly says that eight people were arrested during the raids. More is in the correspondent report.
Victorian public schools students will have to lock their phones away from next year in a push to deter cyber bullying and increase performance.
Victorian public school students will be banned from using their phones from next year. Students will have to switch off their phones and store them in lockers until the final bell, Education Minister James Merlino has announced. "This will remov...

Charity Brunch in Sydney

This interview is only available in Arabic
The Morrison government will reportedly try to make the Senate sit without a break until its tax cuts are passed. 
The government's leader in the Senate Mathias Cormann will reportedly put forward a motion to the Senate on the first sitting day next week to ensure the upper house sits until legislation for all stages of the tax cuts are passed....
The White House has unveiled a $50bn Palestinian investment on the eve of a workshop in Bahrain on the so-called Deal of the Century to solve the Palestinian Israeli issue.