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Iftar bazaar on Railway Parade in Lakemba resembles the famous Puran Dhaka Iftar bazaar of Bangladesh. Bangladeshi expatriates and their families from all over Sydney come here to buy Iftar items to break their fast.
Hasan Tariq, Presented by
Hasan Tariq

SBS Bangla
24 May 2018 - 2:30 PM  UPDATED 30 May 2018 - 5:26 PM

While most Sydneysiders would know Lakemba as a hub for Australia's Muslim communities, what's perhaps less known is that during Ramadan, this suburb comes alive after dark. 

Ramadan began last week for Australia's Muslims, marking a time where they fast from dawn until dusk, not even having water. Fasting is the fourth pillar of Islam.

Lakemba is one of the most densely populated Muslim suburbs in Australia. It might be quiet during the day, but it comes alive during the evening. 

The City of Canterbury's Bankstown Council permits a 'Street Food' market on Railway Parade and Haldon Street for the month of Holy Ramadan from 4 pm to 3 am.   

This kind of street food is a fairly rare sight in Australia.

Along with Bangladeshi Iftar items, carrot and orange juice are popular items for Muslims for break their fast. Just after the Maghrib prayer, Lakemba is transformed at night into a vibrant food festival that attracts thousands of people.

People queue for more than half an hour just for a camel burger - last year it was the best selling item.

Last year the council stepped in to regulate barbeques and food stalls so that they meet health and safety regulations. 

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