Hariz Halilovich, Josef Szwarc and Adis Fejzic (SBS (Courtesy of H. Halilovich))

Dr. Hariz Halilovich and Dr Adis Fejzic, authors of the multimedia exhibition, will from April 7 settle in Vienna, before heading to St. Louis.In an interview with our program, Dr Halilovich talks about the cooperation that the Australian Bosnian Academic Forum (ABAF) builds with similar academic groups from around the world, as well as the activities that ABAF run in support of the Bosnian academic work in Australia, including young scientists, cultural workers, writers ...The exhibition, 'Places Of Pain,' is a set of textual content anthropologists Halilovich, who for years studied the fate of many refugees, the displaced people in the world and visual works of sculpturist Dr. Fejzic, was inspired by the painful illustrations of lives lost, broken violent death and nostalgic memories of his homeland.  

Amir Bukic
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Sunday, April 2, 2017 - 18:48
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