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Среща на папа Франциск с български католици (Vatican Media)

What were the reactions after Pope Francis’ visit to Bulgaria? 

Пламен Асенов
Published on
Friday, May 17, 2019 - 18:15
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Following Pope Francis’ three-day apostolic journey to Bulgaria, country Prime Minister Boyko Borissov said, “In the person of Pope Francis, we have a great friend of Bulgaria”.

His Holiness said he was very satisfied with the visit and thanked Bulgaria for the good relations with neighbouring countries. “I am very satisfied because you are a strong nation,” the Pope said, "Keep building peace, sow good seeds," were Pope Francis final words upon leaving.

However, the Pope’s visit and speech ignited some radical commentaries.

“Pope Francis has taken a political stance in support of the migratory wave that destroys Europe,” said the leader of Volya and deputy chairman of the National Assembly Veselin Mareshki, commenting on the Pope’s urge not to bring back anyone who knocked on the doors of Bulgaria.

"Not all migrants come with good intentions, we are tolerant, we do not mean to be reckless and threaten our countries," said Mareshki, who is the leader of the list of "Volya - Bulgarian Patriots" for the European Parliament.

As a MEP, he stands up for the policy against the mass reception of migrants from Africa and the Middle East.