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Current Affairs: GAMBLING ETHNIC

Many of Australia's poker-machine clubs brand their venues as pillars of the community, but some of the biggest are also spending millions on themselves. In a special investigation, SBS has obtained figures from clubs in one of Australia's most...
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10am News Bulletin 19.02.2018

Morning News Bulletin
As we are still celebrating Chinese New Year, Mrs. Lee and Waiyee are going to teach us how to make a stir fried radish cake.
In this episode of Morning Talk, Selina Kong, Ivan Leung and James Kwok share their Chinese New Year celebrations when they were in Hong Kong.
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Ten thousand steps vs brisk walking 
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America's long-running debate over tougher gun control continues in the wake of a mass shooting that killed 17 people in Florida. Survivors of the shooting rampage at a Florida high school that killed 17 people are planning a march in Washington...
Culture 360: Color Purple and the Forbidden City
Richard Xu is a volunteer who has visited some children in a village where 80% of them are left behind by their parents. Their parents go to the cities to make ends meet. Some never see their parents and some see them once a year. These children...
Aaron interviews Bill Yuen, managing director of a travel agency in Sydney re: what led him to establish his own travel agency and the challenges facing travel industry
Interview Dr. Caroline Yuen, Senior Social Worker, and Ms. Julia Poon, Case Manager, introduce Federal government's My aged Care program and Integrated Home Care services to elderly Chinese.
Legal Tips: Usual foreign business investment in Australia
Jane Kam, lawyer from ASIC, explains web resources from ASIC, to help audiences to save money and understand ASIC.
In this episode of Canberra Notebook, Sam Wong reports on one of the biggest events on the Canberra calendar, The National Multicultural Festival , is on this weekend, also there are obstacles to the next stage of Canberra's light rail network. 
Today is the Chinese Lunar New Year Day. All Chinese communities around the world had celebrations last night, the Chinese New Year Eve, to welcome the Year of the Dog.
Mr. solomon Tsoi, Horticultrist, talks about the benefit of Teng San Qi.