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Latest in Czech radio

Latest in Czech Radio

Czechia has the results of the Czech Senate and Municipal elections 2018. There were few interesting moments that Peter Honzejk comments.
S tím, jak se v politice víc diskutuje o náboženských svobodách, do ohniska zájmu přichází i skupina, která by mohla být zasažena nejvíc: studenti.Na středních...
One in three older Australians were born overseas – the majority of whom originally from a non-English speaking country.Meanwhile, the number of school leavers...

The Outlook: for climate

This year has been one of the hottest and driest since records began, and the outlook for relief from the dry conditions is not promising.A summit is being held...
Stanislav Kovar was a Czech legionary in Russia. After the formation of Czechoslovakia he became one of very first Czechoslovak diplomats. For 100 year...
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