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Czechia has the results of the Czech Senate and Municipal elections 2018. There were few interesting moments that Peter Honzejk comments.
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S tím, jak se v politice víc diskutuje o náboženských svobodách, do ohniska zájmu přichází i skupina, která by mohla být zasažena nejvíc: studenti.Na středních školách se ptali víc než 1200 studentů na jejich pohled na náboženství a sexualitu ve...
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One in three older Australians were born overseas – the majority of whom originally from a non-English speaking country.Meanwhile, the number of school leavers graduating with a second language is declining.A Monash University project has found a...
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The Outlook: for climate

This year has been one of the hottest and driest since records began, and the outlook for relief from the dry conditions is not promising.A summit is being held in Canberra this month to examine Australia's response to the drought that is...
Stanislav Kovar was a Czech legionary in Russia. After the formation of Czechoslovakia he became one of very first Czechoslovak diplomats. For 100 year anniversary of Czechoslovakia, his granddaughter Ludmila Christoff opens an exhibition of his...
Czechia votes for their municipalities today. Also, people vote for 1/3 of the Czech Senate. More about elections with Ivan Hoffman.
A new study has found that Australians’ daily commute has not worsened as a result of the country’s population growth.It instead found commute times and distances have barely increased at all over five years.
More Australians are in line to obtain secure employment, with changes from the Fair Work Ombudsman now in effect as of this week.The Australian Council of Trade Unions has welcomed the changes, but it says there still may be employees who miss out.
As costs continue to rise, the government is threatening to punish petrol companies who rip off customers.Australia's top consumer watchdog says motorists are now paying more than a billion dollars extra at the bowser than they were three years ago.
Zbynek Vinter has done more than 8000 km on his pushbike in Australia. Now, he made it to Broome, but he says the headwind is killing him. Let's ask him more!
There are 10% of Czechs under the poverty line. Similar number of people experienced executions. Petr Honzejk details the reasons.
North Sydney is planning Australia's first smoke-free metropolitan Central Business District after its council voted to endorse a blanket ban.Health groups have praised what they call a bold decision, while some politicians and workers are less...
Czech and Slovak Film Festival of Australia featured its closing night. Soon, films are moved to Canberra where the Festival takes place on 18-21 October. Nada Uvacikova is in ACMI Melbourne for the Closing Night.

Czech Slavik award discontinued

Well known Czech music award Cesky Slavik was discontinued. Cesky Slavik begun as Zlaty Slavik in early 1960s. What are the reasons for this tells Ivan Hoffman.

The Outlook: for public libraries

In this digital era, many may wonder what the future is for Australia's public libraries, long seen as simply a repository for books.But they're flourishing, perhaps surprisingly, and for those with English as a second language, they can offer...