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There is a strong culture of addressing people using their university degree titles in Czechia. Now, the wanting to achieve a university degree affects the credibility of some ministers of Andrej Babis' new cabinet. More with Petr Honzejk.
Awarded Czech acapella sextet Skety came to Australia for a tour. They played few gigs already and we interviewed their manager Lukas Prchal.
Australians will soon be unable to buy items from Amazon's overseas online stores. Amazon's move comes in response to new changes to Australia's goods-and-services tax, or GST.
Australians have been free to buy goods from international locations via for years.   But from July the 1st,  Australians visiting Amazon's overseas sites will be blocked and redirected to the Australian site,  

Viva: Finding new ways to thrive

Does life feel repetitive, uninspiring or lacking in purpose? If you need to break out of a rut, why not step out of your comfort zone and start exploring new ways to thrive?
Chris Herrmann had life sorted out at sixty. He had a fulfilling career, a loving wife, and his children and grandchildren were living close by. But the sudden loss of his soul mate to cancer turned his life upside down. 
Czech readers recommend books that matter.
Four adventure riders went from Australia to Nepal and then riding to Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Unfortunetaly a nasty leg fracture ended the ride for one of them prematurely. Peter Kocis made them to undetake this adventurous trip.
Turning food waste into supplements and other products has been the focus of an international symposium involving industry and academia in Melbourne. Analysts at Monash University are looking at how science and technology can help transform the...
The 12 Thai schoolboys and their football coach who were trapped inside a flooded cave have spoken of their ordeal for the first time. The "Wild Boars" team looked healthy and happy as they spoke publicly in Chiang Rai [[chang RYE]], just hours...
2017 Czech elections winner Andrej Babis (ANO) has succesfully attempted for trust in his coalition government. Now, ANO and CSSD rely on the support of KSCM. Ivan Hoffman comments.
Marek "Koraki" got an opportunity to spend a year on Gulaga Mountain in Australia, where he came for a Buddhist retreat. He explains how a year with many women and just a few men and quite remote from others has changed him.
Andrej Babis has the second attempt to form a new Czech government. One of his ministers faces a problem with both of her dissertations. 

Gig economy goes on trial

The working conditions of delivery riders are being tested in a series of court cases that could have a significant impact on what's known as the 'gig economy'. One former rider is fighting for his rights in the Fair Work Commission, while others...
Adelaide is thought to be one of the only urban areas in the world with a pod of wild dolphins living permanently within the city limits.They're a delight to many locals and bring visitors to the area.But living so close to humans can also bring...
A report predicts the Great Barrier Reef will be hit with major bleaching events every two years by 2034 if greenhouse emissions aren't reduced. The Climate Council has found coral bleaching events are increasingly common and will continue to...

Czech government attempt two

The winner of the Czech elections Andrej Babis tries to establish a government that could gain the trust for the second time. Now, it is a coalition cabinet with CSSD with the support of the Czech Communists. More with Ivan Hoffman.