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Czech intelligence warns against two Chinese companies who might be a security risk when building the next generation of mobile phone network. Petr Honzejk explains.
Tourists have spent more than 113 billion dollars in Australia in the last year, and they're escaping the cities for the bush, coast and outback.Some of the biggest spenders are from China.
Up to a million fish have died along the Darling River system in New South Wales.Officials are blaming drought and shifts in water temperature, but others say the issue stems from poor water management by the state government.It is leading to...
Renting a room could be a shocking experience in Australia. One of the reasons might be a lack of affordable houses for students. Leo Patterson Ross from Tennants NSW gives some useful tips and describes the main problems when looking for a room.
Czechia recorded an incredible year speaking of economy. What are the expectations of the year 2019? Ivan Hoffman tells from the Czech Republic.
Hana Starobova is a PhD candidate at the University of Queensland. She participates in a year-long coaching program for women in science Homeward Bound. Next year, she is on board of a cruise ship heading to Antarctica with another almost 100 women.

Year 2018 in Czechia in 12 minutes

The year 2018 in the Czech Republic recorded an unseen growth in wages and very low unemployment rate, but also a bit darker political climate. Petr Honzejk has more.
Agrofert, a Czech company close to Czech prime minister Andrej Babis, was suspended from European subsidies. Eurpean Parliament says Mr. Babis is in conflict of interest. More information with our Czech commentator Ivan Hoffman.
Hana Starobova researches Australian venomous animals in order to find a solution to relieve pain that child patients suffer from during cancer treatment. In Interview SBS Czech she talks about how this could be done.
Stefan Polakovic is a Slovak born Australian whose goal is to see all the world countries. And he is pretty close. With only about 10 countries left he says every country needed to finish his goal is increasingly more difficult to travel.
There are fears of a resurgence of petrol sniffing in some remote Australian communities.Incidence rates dropped significantly after the rollout of low-aromatic Opal fuel in the mid 2000s but some Indigenous service providers say there have been...
Zbynek Vintr begun in Brisbane aiming to ride to Perth. He liked this demanding bicycle ride so much that he extended his stay in Australia and he is actually riding back to Brisbane. One of the most disgusting thing during the trip are flies.