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Czech president Milos Zeman called for a press conference where he burned an oversized men's underwear. Why he did this is a matter of discussion. Petr Honzejk offers a possible explanation.
Stand up comedian Lukas Pavlasek returns to Australia. Now, with Ondrej Sokol and a film crew traveling to all continents. We interview their producer Viktor Hosek.
Why did negotiating of Work and Holiday visa for Czechs take so much time? We asked the former ambassador of Czechia in Australia Martin Pohl. He gives also other important details about the scheme.
Lukas Vondracek is considered as one of the best pianist. He performs 120 concerts a year and recently he had three of them in Sydney Opera House. In this second part of the interview we talk about what makes him happy and also about what would he...
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Czech president Milos Zeman gives Andrej Babis, who won the Czech parliamentary elections 8 months ago, second chance to form a government. CSSD is the possible coalition partner, however they are waiting for their members' vote on this. More with...
Patricia Krausova says there is a better thing than recycling: going completely without packaging. In this interview she explains five steps leading to a better waste micro management.
The theatre festival in Brno Theatre World featured a play in which Jesus rapes a Muslim woman. This sparked a flaming debate over all Czech public, church officials and politicians. More information has Ivan Hoffman.
National Reconciliation Week is a time to celebrate and build respect between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and other Australians. It also marks significant dates in the history of Indigenous Australians: the 1967 referendum...
Czech Republic is not fully prepared for implementing GDPR regulation. More with Petr Honzejk. 
Czech ambassador Martin Pohl just finished his 4-year long mission in Australia. His wife and three boys are starting a new period in the Czech Republic. Martin Pohl says one of the most challenging things was to sing the Work and Holiday visa for...
All These Creatures was awarded with the Golden Palm in Cannes and is one of the proofs Australian short film is among world's best. Martina Vackova reports from Cannes Film Festival.
Czech and Slovak language school are meeting in Czech school Adelaide. This regular 2 year meeting gives the teachers a chance to discuss the problems and successes they encounter. Alzbeta Tichonova, the Adelaide school director, tells more.
Tereza Basarova is a young Czech artist who was inspired by the old Sydney storefronts. She uses watercolour technique to capture them. Now, she has got her first exhibition.
Top rated Czech pianist Lukas Vondracek performs in the Sydney Opera House with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. We talked about the hard life of a busy musician, what music gives him back and the drug feeling of high performance concerts.
Silvia Panakova is a Slovak producer who has produced some successful movies. Her portfolio contains for example: Fair Play, Backstage, and Lyrik. Silvia also co-organizes the Czech and Slovak Film Festival in Sydney.
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