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Dorthe Pedersen (passenger) and Nicolas Vallat (pilote)

Interview with Dorthe Pedersen and Nicolas Vallat from the project Cycling Without Age which they are touring Australia with in December and January 2015.

Mik Aidt
Published on
Thursday, December 10, 2015 - 19:29
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Cycling Without Age is a movement started in 2012 by Ole Kassow in Denmark. Ole wanted to help the elderly get back on their bicycles, but he had to find a solution to their limited mobility. The answer was a rickshaw and he started offering free bike rides to the local nursing home residents.

He then got in touch with a civil society consultant, Dorthe Pedersen, at the municipality of Copenhagen (now Cycling Without Age), who was intrigued by the idea and together they bought the first five rickshaws and launched Cycling Without Age, which quickly spread to all corners of Denmark.

The project has since spread to Norway, Switzerland, Iceland, Sweden, Finland, UK, Germany, Austria, Italy, Singapore, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Spain, Slovakia, Netherlands, France and Chile and its now taking off in several more countries around the world, including Australia and New Zealand.

Volunteers (pilots) sign up for bike rides with the elderly through a simple booking system as often or as rarely as they want to. Its all driven by peoples own motivation. At present - December 2015 - more than 63 of Denmark's 98 municipalities offer Cycling Without Age from well over 600 rickshaws and the numbers are still growing.

More than 3,000 pilots ensure that the elderly get out of their nursing homes, out on the bikes to enjoy the fresh air and the community around them. They give them the right to wind in their hair. 


Dorthe Pedersen can be contacted on and until 6 January 2016 also on phone: (+61) 0424 244 695.

→ Here is a trailer for a documentary film about the project which will premiere in beginning of 2016:
Cykling uden alder dokumentar (trailer) by Michael Dorgan 

→ Ted Talk by Ole Kassow: 

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→ Danish home page:

→ Facebook:

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