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Soren Dahlgaard in the studio / book cover

"Dough Portraits" is a new book by Soren Dahlgaard - a Danish artist who lives in Australia. Over seven years, he has been photographing portraits of people, where they have agreed to be transformed beyond recognition with a large lump of dough over the head.

Published on
Thursday, November 5, 2015 - 18:48
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10 min 53 sec

It looks strange and super nerdy. But when you speak with the book's creator, Soren Dahlgaard, you find out that actually there is quite a bit of meaning to the madness. For Soren Dahlgaard, it's about the saying that "art must seduce", as he says: "Art should talk to you. It should start a conversation."

And this what a big lump of dough thrown in the face has turned out to be good at.