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Mette Juul (YouTube)

The other day, the Danish Embassy in Canberra wrote on its Facebook page that the 39-year-old Danish jazz singer Mette Juul "has taken the Australian audiences by storm." "ABC Jazz Radio has given Mette Juul a warm welcome to the southern hemisphere by playing her songs and dedicating a program, 'A Danish song' to her music," the embassy reported with excitement.

Mik Aidt
Published on
Thursday, October 1, 2015 - 20:18
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At the editorial of SBS Radio we got curious, since we hadn't heard of Mette Juul before, so we googled the singer's name and album title 'There is a song', observing that the Danish jazz reviewers placed Mette Juul in "The absolute forefront of Danish vocal jazz" - or among "The exclusive part of Danish jazz." In other words, a breakthrough on the Danish jazz scene, which now has reached SBS Radio. Because we immediately skyped Vanløse, where Mette Juul lives, to request an interview.

The interview you can hear here. It is conducted in Danish language.

→ On you can see a video where Mette Juul tells more - in the English langauge - about her new album. The video has the same title as the album: "Mette Juul - There is a song."

→ Mette Juul has website on